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Staff Fire Training
A team of employees who are professionally trained for an emergency allow for procedures to be performed correctly to bring a fire under control swiftly while ensuring the safety of staff and visitors.
Fire Alarm Installers Glasgow
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Offering staff fire training across Glasgow to ensure essential steps are taken

We are able to offer detailed staff fire training sessions in which we can ensure all fire safety procedures are managed carefully in order to protect staff and any visitors in the event of a fire.

Within our fire safety training we are able to put together a fire emergency evacuation plan and provide training to staff on how to handle the situation following a fire alarm trigger. It is important that if visitors are on site who have not received training that there is someone to guide the individuals from the property in the event of a fire to ensure safety of each person.

At Arrest Security we also provide combustion theory, including information on the fire triangle to give an understanding of how fires start in order for staff to understand actions needed to prevent fires from even occurring. Our installers also offer detailed tutorials of how to use fire alarms and fire extinguishers, and in what circumstances each extinguisher should be used, as the wrong selection in some circumstances could be lethal.

Fire Alarm Installers Glasgow
Fire Alarm Installers Glasgow As well as specifying fire alarms, our installers can create fire evacuation plans and help with staff fire training

Fire Alarms Glasgow Creation of fire evacuation plans for employees
Glasgow Fire Alarm Installers Instructions on how to utilise fire extinguishers safely in an emergency
Fire Alarms Glasgow Provide an understanding of fire theory and how to prevent fires occurring
Our aim is to keep our clients, their employees and their assets protected
With 17 years of experience within the industry, we have been able to protect numerous properties throughout Glasgow with fire and security solutions. As well as providing fire safety training to staff, our team of fire alarm installers can provide a wide selection of systems including fire alarms, dry riser systems, fire extinguishers, intruder alarms, and CCTV systems.
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  Fire Alarm Installers Glasgow
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