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CCTV Systems
Our CCTV installers, based in Glasgow, can design, install and maintain intelligent CCTV systems to watch over your property.
CCTV Installer Glasgow
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Protect your property with
cutting-edge 24 hour CCTV
All of our CCTV installers use equipment that is tested and proven, sourced from leading British distributors and built to last for many years to come. Our unrivalled range of CCTV systems allows us to find tailored solutions to your security requirements, calling upon the latest technology to protect your property. Here at Arrest Security, cost effective quality and reliability is key. Our specialists work throughout Glasgow and the surrounding areas to provide high quality security protection for you.
CCTV Installer Glasgow SSAIB approved installation - Our CCTV installer are trained to the highest standards
CCTV Installer Glasgow Wide range of systems - our CCTV installer can tailor CCTV to your unique requirements
CCTV Glasgow We offer 24 hour CCTV surveillance which is cost effective and built to last
CCTV Installer Glasgow
CCTV Installation Glasgow From IP to PTZ, our Glasgow based CCTV installers can find a solution
CCTV Installer Glasgow
Alarm Installers Glasgow
CCTV Glasgow
CCTV Installer Glasgow
On-site Monitoring Remote Monitoring Analogue vs. IP CCTV Takeovers
Your DVR is the brains behind your new
CCTV system, able to control, record and
archive footage taken from your CCTV
cameras. The latest DVR units keep your
footage in-check and allows you to
jump to key events or triggers.
Our CCTV systems are designed to allow
for remote monitoring by our 24 hour
manned remote video receiving centre (RVRC).
Our trained CCTV Installers watch over your
property and trigger priority response
from key holders or the police.
As your security requirements evolve, so
do the systems needed to tackle them. CCTV
is now more advanced than ever, offering
a more in-depth insight into surveillance
than ever before. We can even offer
cost effective HD upgrades.
Whatever your security requirements,
our CCTV specialists can walk you through
your options to protect what matters
most. We work throughout Glasgow and
surrounding areas to tackle unique
challenges and security weaknesses.
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HD surveillance for much less - upgrade your existing CCTV system
The cost of IP surveillance has considerably reduced over the last few years - now more than ever is it possible to protect your property in full HD, giving you the upper-hand to identify threats to your business. 1080p HD in particular provides greater control, allowing you to not only cover a wider scene, but zoom in on the details such as facial features or vehicle number plates without loss in image quality. Contact our friendly and reliable team of CCTV installers that work across Glasgow and the surrounding areas today.
Existing Customers: 0141 332 3666
New Enquiries / Sales: 0141 319 8208
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Security Installer Glasgow
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